2015 CHATS-AS Workshop
Room 8.1, Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering Department, University of Bologna, Viale Risorgimento 2, Bologna, Italy
  Start time End time Length Title Presenter
MONDAY 14 September 2015 
Registration and Opening Welcome  
  8.15 AM 9.00 AM 45 Registration  
  9.00 AM 9.15 AM 15 Opening welcome M. Breschi, E. Sangiorgi
Session I: Thermo-hydraulics and cryogenics, part I - Moderator: Reinhard Heller and Rob Van Weelderen  
  9.15 AM 9.45 AM 30 Thermal modelling of the HiLumi Nb3Sn MQXF
inner triplet magnets with OpenFOAM –
Development of superfluid helium code
R. Van Weelderen (CERN, Switzerland))
  9.45 AM 10.15 AM 30 Modelling of transient dynamics leading to crisis in a boiling helium natural circulation loop H. Furci (CEA, France)
  10.15 AM 10.45 AM 30 Dynamic simulations of a tokamak cryogenic system R. Cirillo (CEA, France)
  10.45 AM 11.05 AM 20 Coffee Break  
Session I: Thermo-hydraulics and cryogenics, part II - Moderator: Reinhard Heller and Rob Van Weelderen  
  11.05 AM 11.35 AM 30 A Physics-Based Simplified Model for the ITER Cooling Loops L. Bottura (CERN, Swizterland)
  11.35 AM 12.05 PM 30 Process Control Strategy for ITER Central Solenoid
R. Maekawa (ITER I/O, France)
  12.05 PM 12.35 PM 30 Characterization of the thermal coupling between the ITER TF coil conductor and the structure cooling circuit F. Gauthier  (ITER I/O, France)
  12.35 PM 1.05 PM 30 ITER Side Correction Coil Quench Model and
S. Nicollet (CEA, France)
  1.05 PM 2.20 PM 75 Lunch  
Session I: Thermo-hydraulics and cryogenics, part III - Moderator: Reinhard Heller and Rob Van Weelderen  
  2.20 PM 2.50 PM 30 Modeling the KSTAR PF magnet system – an
engineering work for the optimal operation
D. K. Oh (NFRI, Republic of Korea)
  2.50 PM 3.20 PM 30 Thermo-hydraulic analyses associated to a design
proposal for DEMO TF conductor
R. Vallcorba (CEA, France)
  3.20 PM 3.50 PM 30 Predictive 1-D analysis of the prototype HTS
current leads for the ITER Correction Coils
R. Heller (KIT, Germany)
  3.50 PM 4.10 PM 20 Coffee Break  
Session II: LTS quench, part I - Moderator: Fabrizio Bellina and Andy Gavrilin  
  4.10 PM 4.40 PM 30 Quench Analysis of the 11 T Nb3Sn Dipole for the LHC Luminosity Upgrade S. Izquierdo Bermudez (CERN, Switzerland)
  4.40 PM 5.10 PM 30 Lumped-Element Dynamic Electro-Thermal model
of a superconducting magnet
M. Maciejewski (Technical University of Lodz, Poland)
  5.10 PM 5.40 PM 30 Analysis of the quench propagation along Nb3Sn
Rutherford cables with the THELMA code
F. Bellina (Universita‘ degli Studi di Udine, Italy)
TUESDAY 15 September 2015
Session II: LTS quench, part II - Moderator: Fabrizio Bellina and Andy Gavrilin  
  8.30 PM 9.00 PM 30 Stability modeling of the LHC Rutherford cables subjected to beam losses M. Breschi (Università di Bologna, Italy)
  9.00 AM 9.30 AM 30 Using the HELIOS facility for assessment of
bundle-jacket thermal coupling in a CICC
B. Lacroix (CEA, France)
Session III: HTS quench - Moderator: Marco Breschi and Francesco Grilli  
  9.30 AM 10.00 AM 30 Numerical analysis of propagation of thermal disturbances in REBCO tapes Brighenti  (Polytechnics of Torino, Italy)
  10.00 AM 10.30 AM 30 Numerical Simulation of REBCO pancake coil with
No-Insulation Technique
NOGUCHI, So (Hokkaido University, Japan)
  10.30 AM 10.50 AM 20 Coffee Break  
  10.50 AM 11.20 AM 30 Electro-thermal Analysis of quench in High Field
HTS coils
L. Cavallucci (Università di Bologna, Italy)
  11.20 AM 11.50 AM 30 Comprehensive quench analysis of the NHMFL 32T
all-superconducting magnet
A. Gavrilin (Florida State University - NHMFL, USA)
Session IV: HTS Electromagnetics - Moderator: Naoyuki Amemiya and Antonio Morandi  
  11.50 AM 12.20 PM 30 Open-source software to model High Temperature
TRILLAUD Frederic (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México)
  12.20 PM 12.50 PM 30 Modeling AC ripples in HTS coated conductors by
integral equations
GRILLI, Francesco (KIT, Germany)
  12.50 PM 2.00 PM 70 Lunch  
  2.00 PM 2.30 PM 30 Ac Loss Calculation of a Dipole Magnet Wound with Coated Conductors AMEMIYA, Naoyuki (Kyoto University, Japan) 
  2.30 PM 3.00 PM 30 Test of a prototype large current HTS cable for fusion Bruzzone Pierluigi (EPFL/CRPP, Switzerland)  
  3.00 PM 3.30 PM 30 Simulation of current distribution in twisted 2G tapes in terms of the H formulation taking in account the stress induced by torsion SOTELO, Guilherme (Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona, Spain, and Fluminense Federal University, Brasil)
  3.30 PM 3.50 PM 20 Coffee Break  
  3.50 PM 4.20 PM 30 Numerical Simulation on Magnetic Field generated
by Screening Current in REBCO coils
UEDA, Hiroshi (Osaka University, Japan)
Session V: Design methods and mechanics, part I - Moderator: Sylvie Nicollet  
  4.20 PM 4.50 PM 30 Modeling and testing of transverse, axial and torsional strain on REBCO tapes NIJHUIS Arend (University of Twente, The Netherlands)
  7.00 PM 8.15 PM    Opera Music Concert at Circolo Ufficiali, Palazzo Grassi, Via Marsala 12, Bologna  
  8.15 PM     Social dinner at Circolo Ufficiali, Palazzo Grassi, Via Marsala 12, Bologna  
WEDNESDAY 16 September 2015
  9.00 AM 10.00 AM 60 Invited presentation: The simulator of FERRARI Formula 1 vehicle Dr. Eng. Giacomo Tortora (Ferrari Sport Team)
Session V: Design methods and mechanics, part II - Moderator: Sylvie Nicollet  
  10.00 AM 10.30 AM 30 Study on magnetic field deviation due to manufacturing errors of the SIS100 superconducting magnets SUGITA, Kei (GSI, Germany)
  10.30 AM 11.00 AM 30 Design and Optimization of a HTS Insert for
Solenoid Magnets
TOMASSETTI, Giordano (ENEA, Italy)
  11.00 AM 11.20 AM 20 Coffee Break  
  11.20 AM 11.55 AM 35 Simulation of the Cabling Process for Rutherford Cables: an Advanced FEM Model CABANES J., GARLASCHE M. (CERN, Switzerland)
  11.55 AM 12.25 PM 30 Structural Modeling of HTS Tapes and Cables ALLEN, Nathaniel (Tufts University, USA)
  12.25 PM 2.00 PM 95 Lunch  
Wrap up session - Moderator: Luca Bottura  
  2.00 PM 3.00 PM 60 Workshop wrap-up